Interviewing Disability Attorney Charleston

While you may want a disability attorney Charleston who is willing to act in a strong advocacy role for you, especially if the other side appears arbitrary and uncooperative, watch out for the barracuda types. Some attorneys "fan the flames" or over identify with your situation because of their own family SSA experience. Others want to present an inflated proposal as an opening bargaining strategy. But remember, the other side will usually respond with an equally excessive position.

Look for an experienced attorney with a specialization in SSA law, rather than one who occasionally handles SSA. You will be better advised by someone who deals regularly with SSA matters and the courts. Be sure you and your attorney are in philosophical agreement about your goals and priorities and how you want the case to be handled. If your attorney meets your basic criteria, trust your personal reaction to determine if you feel comfortable with him or her. You need to feel that your lawyer understands your needs and is accessible, and that the two of you can communicate. When interviewing disability attorney Charleston, you want to be sure that they are being candid about their approach and feel comfortable referring you to someone else if they do not meet your requirements. a list of questions that will help you in making your final decision. You can ask some of these questions on the phone in order to narrow down your list. What percentage of the attorney's practice is SSA? How long has he or she been in practice? Does the attorney have trial experience and the capability of going to court if the case cannot be settled? What is the attorney's philosophy in working with SSA cases? What is the basis on which the attorney charges for services? What are the anticipated costs for your case?

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