Choosing A Charleston Social Security Disability Attorney

Choosing Charleston social security disability attorney is one of the most important decisions you and your family will make. The attorney's style will have a direct bearing on the whole SSA process, not just the settlement you get. While you don't have control over the attorney your family retains, you can make a careful selection in your own situation.

In choosing an attorney, think about the expertise you feel your situation requires and what you see as your personal needs for guidance or counsel. Attorneys fall all along the continuum from aggressive advocates to counselors The more psychologically aware and SSA attorneys see their role as one that includes such non-legal elements of social security as helping people who have been injured or partially or fully disabled. The aggressive advocates, on the other hand, tend to emphasize the mechanistic legal aspects of representation and "winning." Often they want to take control and "go for the max. Don't assume that just because you have a tough-sounding lawyer you are better protected. Remember, after the SSA case the lawyer will not have to live with the settlement—you will. First and foremost, your comfort level with the attorney is of vital importance. Don't be afraid to interview more than one lawyer. Assess how well they explain issues and whether they strive to make you part of the process. Remember, Charleston social security disability attorney work for you, not you for them. Find out where the attorney stands on issues that are important to you.

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